Tours typically leave from the Visitor Center located at 26 West Street. If you are staying in town or want to depart from another location, call us at 443.510.1348 to book and arrange a departure point.

The carts hold five passengers, plus the guide.

Yes, we have multiple carts available. Just call us at 443.510.1348 to schedule a larger group. With advance notice, we can have additional guides available.

Absolutely. Just call us at 443.510.1348 and we can do a custom tour to meet your group’s needs and interests. We have done Scavenger Hunts, Wine Tastings, Bourbon Tastings and more.

No, the Naval Academy offers their own tours, therefore we do not go onto the Yard. However, we can pick you up or drop you off at Gate 1 or Gate 3 if you have a USNA tour scheduled.

For online bookings, all major credit cards. For direct bookings, we accept credit cards, PayPal and Venmo. Call us at 443.510.1348 to book.



Event Transportation

The carts carry five passengers and the driver.

We do. We can have our carts trailered to your event venue. Our low-speed electric GEM cars are perfect for transporting guests from remote parking areas and are permitted on Maryland roads with a maximum speed limit of 30mph.

Yes, just contact us at info@annapoliseventours.com or 443.510.1348 for more information and a quote.

For events, you can pay by credit card, EFT, PayPal or Venmo. There is a 2% service fee for credit cards and PayPal.

Yes, but be sure to reserve your transportation early. Like Commissioning Week home rentals, we get booked early!



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